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Upland Bird Hunts

Rugged Wing Outfitters offers Upland Bird hunts individualized to the hunters. We focus on being able to share memories and the great sport of upland bird hunting with our customers with each hunt. Hunting with Rugged Wing Outfitters includes Private land with surplus of cattails, and Prairie grass. Whether your just getting into hunting or a very experienced hunter Rugged Wing Outfitters strives to provide great experiences for our customers.

Rates/Included Details

  •  200$ per gun-Upland Bird Hunt

  • Includes Professional/Experienced Guides

  • Experienced hunting dogs

Equipment Needed

Warm clothing, Orange Vest, beanie or ball cap, waterproof boots, heavy and light jackets to layer, gloves, etc. Shotgun 12-20 gauge are recommended. Shells 2 3/4in-3in NO SMALLER than 4 shot lead. 

Additional Fees

  • Bird Cleaning $5/bird

  • Shotgun Shells varies depending on shot size

Season Dates:October 16th-January 31st.

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